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Firstly, what is interactive content?

Interactive content is simply another means to educate, entertain and converse with your audience. The main distinction from traditional content is that it requires active engagement (it makes your audience do ‘stuff’).

Everyone living in the content marketing space understands the pains of getting your audience to take action. Many marketers place extreme value on high likes and followers, yet, we can use better metrics to truly understand whether our audience not only enjoys but is willing to take action on our content. In fact, plans have been announced to remove the concept of likes from certain social media platforms.

We will get onto this later…


So, why interactive content?

Well, the first reason is primarily for the B2B marketers amongst you.

  • 91% of B2B buyers prefer interactive content

That’s right… businesses have employees and they are the ones that engage with your material, not some faceless corporate entity. This rather astounding statistic can be put in your favour if you are bold enough to implement interactive content into your B2B marketing campaign. Your clients enjoy it and because of that, I’m sure that you will too.

  • Capture ‘pain points’ without your sales team lifting a finger

So, we know that people enjoy interacting with Diagnostic quizzes, AI chatbots and fun calculators but… how can us marketing (and sales) people benefit.

It’s common practice to research your leads before you contact them. However, you will often find little information regarding the specific problem you are trying to solve. With Interactive content, you can capture the exact information you need to close a sale, whilst also providing value.

If you are feeling extra Techy (or know someone who is) use these pain points to create a tailored email workflow.

  • Provide genuine value, that’s it

As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of providing value. At Solvi Solutions, we do this to give thanks to our audience for allowing us to deliver information and knowledge we are passionate about. When your prospects have witnessed the value you provide free of cost then they can’t help but appreciate what they might get after paying. So where does interactive content fit in here?


Here are a few examples:

Joe’s Gym ltd

At Joe’s Gym, we offer 1-1 personal training services. In the past, we assessed clients needs in the gym before the first session. Now, we have implemented a survey that asks the clients all the same questions. The results are sent directly to the Personal trainer’s email so they can review it in their own time.

Also, we have used quizzes to capture our client’s fitness goals. After they have filled out the relevant information we provide a downloadable PDF of a few key workouts to help them meet their goals.


At JSConsulting we deliver top-notch sales training and consultancy. For years we have been struggling to make the most of our huge bank of clients that we have worked with.

While creating a new marketing strategy for 2020 we decided to include interactive content. At JSC we apply one main diagnostic model for all of our clients, we designed this diagnostic as an engaging quiz. The result is a key indicator of the sales weaknesses within their organisation.

At its completion, the lead not only understands their sales weakness but receives a tailored email campaign on how to improve it!

p.s. Contrary to your expectations, these are not real companies.

  • Audience segmentation and Targeting

As we have seen from JSconsulting above, interactive content can segment an audience based on the results. In the case of JSC, it was their sales weaknesses.

As I’m sure you know, having a clear understanding of what your audience wants/needs is a great outcome. It simply means the rest of the process can be tailored to their specific needs. Sale made!


  • Enhances conversion by 40-50%

No, this is not an extortionate exaggeration. Interactive content can bring your marketing campaigns ‘to life’ and separates you from the crowd. Social media is flooded with images and videos that simply are not as effective as they used to be. Typically, interactive content provides the most significant conversations when coupled with a more holistic marketing process.

It is clear interactive content has promise if used correctly. The content-rich society, where we currently reside makes it hard to stand out and get the right content in front of your desired audience. One of the few ways to achieve this, however, makes your content different. If you would like to find out further information on this topic, book a 15-minute chat with a Solvi Expert today.

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