Andreas Philippou

Co-Founder / Director

After investing many years into understanding the latest and greatest technologies, I wanted to start using what I had learnt to help others. I was afforded this opportunity after co-founding Solvi Solutions in 2018. Since then, I have developed my skill set in the practical application of technology to sales and marketing as well as bespoke development.

After powering down my computer at night, I often pick up my guitar or bouzouki. Being born in Cyprus taught me two things, the importance of family and music.

My specialities include digital marketing automation, process automation, UX and UI Design and systems integration.

Joe Stallion

Co-Founder / Director

My enthusiasm for technology and helping others, has forged my role within the Solvi Solutions team. My position primarily involves building relationships with clients; providing (what I hope to be) an unbeatable experience.

As one of the founding team, I have grown and developed in line with the company; this has fuelled my interest in personal learning and development, which has become a fundamental value within the business.

Outside of the office, I am a keen triathlete, so much so, that I am heading to Florida in 2021 to compete in an Ironman event.

My specialities include Marketing Automation, Digital Auditing, Lead Generation, Client Relationship Management and Problem-Solving.