Become Empowered with Sales Data

To make a sale, we are required to explore our prospects pain; to find said pain, our prospects are drawn into a maze of complex questions. An effective sales professional arms themselves with this information, looking to accurately tailor their offering to the needs of a certain prospect. If this information is captured, recorded and...

black and gray laptop computer
Technology the unexpected game-changer

I like to describe technology as an enabler for growth. The digital landscape of sales and marketing has profoundly transformed over the years at an astonishing rate. Take a look at your customer journey map for example. I can assure you if you look at its transformation over the last 5 years, you will see a significant shift towards...

Marketing Reserach
Your Research Roadmap: Do’s and Don’ts

What was your first marketing mistake? A lack of keywords in your blog? Failing to create a catchy video title? Neglecting the latest marketing 'trend?' Well, for most people, it's a step before all of this... research.

Unleash your Sales & Marketing Superpower

Digital transformation is NOT going away. Over the past year, we have relied on technology more than ever; without it, lots of us would have fallen into a ‘clientless abyss‘. There is no doubt, 2020 has accelerated our transition to shiny new tech, and many businesses are beginning to observe increased client acquisition and retention...

6 Quick Questions to Ask Before you Automate…

It is easy to get trapped on the workplace treadmill, struggling to keep pace with daily tasks. Few opportunities arise where we, as busy professionals can take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Recent events have made many businesses re-evaluate a lot. From my discussions with various business owners, it...

Lead scoring
Lead Scoring: Why the ‘pot luck’ approach?

So, your inbound marketing is a success. The leads are flowing in, and the phones won’t stop ringing. Traditionally, sales professionals have no choice but to make deliberate and equal efforts for all leads that express interest. Many consider this ‘pot luck’ approach an occupational norm, but, it no longer has to be.

Interactive Content Blog
5 Reasons Interactive Content can Change Your World

Firstly, what is interactive content? Interactive content is simply another means to educate, entertain and converse with your audience. The main distinction from traditional content is that it requires active engagement (it makes your audience do ‘stuff’). Everyone living in the content marketing space understands the pains of getting your audience to take action. Many...

4 common “email” mistakes businesses make that lead to lost revenue

It’s pretty well known now in the marketing world that email is one of the best marketing tools for spreading the word out about your business. With email being 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter, there just aren’t many other marketing solutions that come even close! Ofcourse, this doesn’t